ACP Products Co., Ltd. offers a full range of services for the gas industry. We have distribution of products including gas system installation services with a team of system design and system safety checks. New gas pipe work Maintenance, repair of old systems, the company designs and installs all types of gas systems. Run gas pipes for industrial plants, hotels, restaurants, shopping malls and gas stations, as well as selling gas equipment such as equipment for gas transportation vehicles. gas tank equipment Equipment in the gas room or station system gas pressure regulator Gas level gauge, emergency valve, gas line automatic cut-off valve, safety valve, gas consumption meter and gas leak alarm which has been certified by the Department of Energy Business with the services that we have It will be able to meet the needs of customers in a complete system and customers do not need to have a variety of procurement. for convenience We therefore provide services to customers in one complete system.

  • Gas system design and gas system installation service
  • Installation of gas systems We accept gas systems for restaurants, hotels, shopping malls. industrial factory buildings gas system and equipment repair work
  • Installation of gas boiler systems using a 48kg tank (boiler size 50kg – 600kg)
  • Application for permits and renewal of permits
  • Bulk tank system work for industrial plants
  • Installation of stainless steel kitchens and cold room systems for restaurants and industrial plants